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Reading: 使用图书馆系统 Using Follett Destiny

图书馆系统搜索介绍 Introduction to searching destiny

Follett Destiny is our library catalogue and contains all items currently in circulation. By understanding how to use Destiny effectively, you will be able to find the resources you need, place holds and check your due dates. Instructions for doing all of this can be found below. 

Follett Destiny是我们的图书馆目录,其中包含当前处于流通状态的所有书籍。通过了解有效使用该系统的方法,您可获取所需资源、书籍陈列位置、检查还书日期。具体操作方法,详见下方视频教程。

You will need to select the correct school site to begin with. Check the Location tab below to see how you can search across all Wellington College Hangzhou libraries at the same time. 

Click here to access Destiny.


首先,您需要选择正确的学校站点。查看下方的 位置 选项卡,了解如何同时搜索杭州惠灵顿的所有图书馆。


Performing a basic search 基础搜索演示

The basic search function allows you to search by:

- key word

- title

- author

- subject

- series

Please see below for some examples of these search types. 

The basic search page also allows you to filter your results. More on these filters can be found in the other tabs. 



- 关键词

- 标题

- 作者

- 学科

- 系列



After entering a specific search term, you can then select one of the buttons to tell the catalogue the type of term you are using. Using title, author, subject or series will tell Destiny to look in specific places for that information. If it doesn't match any records then you will not get any results.

By searching for keywords you are asking Destiny to search all record fields. This will return more results, but they may not all be relevant.  




Search results 搜索结果

The results page gives you key information, including:

- Title

- Author

- Call number (the details that are on the spine label) 

- Sublocation (where it is in the library)

- Series (if series details are in the record)

- Year published

- Reading level(s) (if these details are in the record)

- How many copies are available and how many we hold at that site 

You can click on the title to find out more about the item. This can include a description, contents details, awards and more. 



- 标题

- 作者

- 索书号(书脊标签上的详细信息)

- 类别(该书在图书馆中的位置)

- 系列(如果系列详情记录在案)

- 出版年份

- 阅读水平(如果相关信息记录在案)

- 有多少副本可以借阅,以及我们持有多少副本


Searching by location 通过位置进行搜索

By selecting either Wellington College Hangzhou or WCCHB from the location menu, you can expand your search to the whole campus. This means that you have more chance of finding the books you need. 

You will need to look at the sublocation and copy details to check the item's location. 


在位置菜单中选择 杭州惠灵顿学校 杭州惠立学校,您可以将搜索范围扩大到整个校园。这意味着您有更多机会找到所需书籍。


Searching by sublocation 根据分类进行搜索


Books are organised into sublocations. Sublocations are generally based on the type of book or audience. For example, YA Non-fiction is non-fiction that is aimed at adolescents and above.

Searching within a sublocation can help to narrow down your results to find what you are looking for. If you need a non-fiction book, then selection a non-fiction sublocation will exclude any fiction results. 

Key information for sublocations:

- Atrium means that the book is in the Atrium Library on the second floor of B building (Huili Primary)

- stands for middle grades or middle years and these books are generally aimed at pupils between the ages of 8 and 12 (but that doesn't mean that other ages can't read them as well!)

- YA stands for young adult and these books are generally aimed at pupils aged 11/12 and over (some titles in this section are written with older teenagers or new adults in mind, so they may not suit all pupils)

- Reading Corner is on floor 1 of E building (Wellington College International Hangzhou)

- KS2/3 Non-fiction is located in the Wellington Library in E building 

- Many sublocations for Huili Nursery Hangzhou start with a letter and a subject (e.g. E.Animals)

If an item is not showing a sublocation, or you cannot find it, please speak to a member of the library team. 


书籍位置,按类陈列。书籍分类的依据通常为书籍类型或读者类型。例如,YA Non-fiction 是针对青少​​年及以上群体的非小说类作品。



- Atrium 表示这本书在B楼(惠立小学)二层的 Atrium 图书馆

- M 代表 middle gradesmiddle years,这些书通常面向 8 到 12 岁的学生(但这并不意味着其他年龄段的人不能阅读这些书!)

- YA 代表 young adult,这些书籍通常面向 11/12 岁及其之上的学生(该类别中的一些书名是为年龄较大的青少年或刚刚成年的人编写的,因此可能不适合所有学生)

- Reading Corner 在E楼(杭州惠灵顿国际学校)一层

- KS2/3 Non-fiction 位于E楼的惠灵顿图书馆

- 杭州惠立幼儿园的许多分类都以首字母和主题开始(例如 E.Animals


Narrowing searches by reading level 通过阅读水平缩小搜索范围

If you want to limit your search to titles within an Accelerated Reader level range, you can do it here. This can be useful for readers new to English, or for those working on improving their reading. You can combine this with other search limiters such as sublocation.

More information about reading levels, including what they do and do not mean, can be found here


您在找书时,如果想将搜索内容限制在分级阅读的范围内,可以在此处进行操作。这对于刚接触英语的读者或正在努力提高阅读能力的读者很有帮助。您可以将该设置与其他诸如 分类 的搜索限制相结合。



Searching for genres 搜索体裁

There a two main ways of searching for books of a particular genre. 

The first is to search using the sublocation option (first image below). The other way is to type the genre, or sub-genre, in the search bar and click either subject or keyword

Using the second method is useful as sometimes books contain elements of multiple genres. We can only place them in one sublocation, but the record can record more that one genre.  



第一种方法是使用 类别 选项进行搜索(下方图一)。另一种方法是在搜索栏中输入体裁或子体裁,然后点击 主题关键词


Genres by sublocation 根据类别选体裁

Genre by subject search 根据 主题 搜索选体裁

Using Boolean operators to restrict or expand your search 使用布尔运算符来限制或扩展您的搜索

By using the AND / OR / NOT functions in Power search, you can refine your search. This is helpful when the terms used are in the title record. General books about a topic (e.g. the stone age) may not have the terms you are looking for in the record. In this case, checking the book's index is helpful. 

More information about Boolean operators can be found here. 

More information about indexes can be found here.

Boolean searches can be combined with other search limiters. This may reduce your results significantly.  


通过使用 Power 搜索中的 AND / OR / NOT 函数,您可以优化搜索结果。若使用的搜索词出现在标题中,这一方法会非常有用。关于某个主题(例如,石器时代)的一般书籍,可能您正在查找的词并没有记录在案。在这种情况下,查看本书的索引会很有帮助。




登录系统 Logging into Destiny

Pupils and staff can log in to their library account by following these steps. If you have any problems, please contact library staff and we will check that your account is up to date. 



Step 1


Select your school.


Step 2


Find this button and click it. 


Step 3



Click the large blue button. You may be asked to enter your school email address and password if you are not already logged into your school computer.