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Reading: 奇幻 & 神话 Fantasy & Mythology

奇幻 & 神话

Fantasy & Mythology

Like science fiction and horror, fantasy is a genre of speculative fiction that can include imaginary species (monstrous or benign) and settings with magical or supernatural elements. Sometimes authors include real-world settings as part of the story, but the themes and laws within the book’s universe do not have to align with real-world science.  Works of fantasy often include age-old mythology as part of the story, either as a small element or a major theme. Fantasy includes many sub-genres, such as high-fantasy and dark fantasy.


Common elements 常见元素

  • magic and sorcery 魔术和巫术 
  • fantasy worlds with internally consistent laws 内部规则自洽的奇幻世界
  • journeys 旅程 
  • good versus evil 善恶之争
  • reluctant hero 不情愿的英雄
  • prophecies 预言 
  • world mythology 世界神话
  • imaginary creatures and races 虚构的生物与种族

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