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Reading: 反乌托邦 Dystopian



Dystopian fiction is a form of speculative fiction that often imagines a world where at least some in society are oppressed through systematic control. There many sub-genres of dystopian fiction depending on themes included, but they communally take present day issues and extrapolate a short time into the future and regularly include sci-fi elements. Authors normally include many realistic elements to anchor the story in the near future. Dystopian fiction often offers a commentary on societal issues. Most dystopian fiction is written for young adults and adults, but we do have some that are written for middle grade pupils.


Common elements 常见元素

  • settings with elements of realism 带有现实主义元素的情节背景 
  • near future 不久的将来
  • dark future 黑暗的将来
  • oppression and societal control 压迫与社会控制 
  • environmental destruction 环境破坏 
  • surveillance technology 监控技术 
  • struggle for survival 为生存而斗争

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