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Reading: 动物小说 Animal Fiction


Animal Fiction

Animal fiction focus on stories that involve animals. If the story is told from the animal’s point of view, then it uses xenofication. Many animal stories include humans to some extent. When they do, there is often a focus on the human-animal relationship. This might be a man’s best friend type story, but it may also be a story with humans in the role of oppressor. Most of our animal fiction can be found in junior and middle grade collections, but there are some in the young adult collection.


Common elements 常见元素

  • animals who can communicate 会交流的动物 
  • animal perspectives 动物视角
  • animal struggles against human oppression 动物反抗人类压迫 
  • animals in conflict with each other 动物间的冲突 
  • friendships between animals and humans 人与动物的友情 
  • adventure, mystery or real-life themes that can be found in other genres 其他种类书中的冒险主题、悬疑主题或现实生活主题 

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