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Reading: 电子书 eBooks

可用资源 Available on EBSCO

EBSCO eBooks K-8 Collection

The EBSCO eBook K-8 collection has thousands of non-fiction books about many different topics, as well as fiction books. There are also nearly 4000 fiction books for you to read.此链接为幼儿园至8年级的同学提供大量的关于各种主题的科普类和小说类书籍。这里拥有接近4000本小说类书籍。

EBSCO eBooks provide access to thousands of books, both fiction and non-fiction. You can filter your resources to help narrow down your search. 

You can log into EBSCO services with your school email and password.

More information and some instruction guides can be found here.


EBSCO 电子书可以提供上千本书籍,涵盖了小说和非小说。您可以先过滤资源,以助于缩小搜索范围。

您可以使用学校电子邮件和密码登录 EBSCO 咨询服务网。


Quick links to Follett eBooks 快速链接至图书馆系统中的电子书

When you select a book from the link above, you will need to log into Follett Destiny to access the book. You can log in by clicking on the big blue button (the picture below will show you what to look for). 

Follett Destiny instruction videos 图书馆系统视频教程