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Reading: 推荐读物 Recommended Reading

与课堂所学主题相关的书单 Book lists linked to topics of study

These reading lists were produced in collaboration with teachers and based on units of study. Please keep checking back for more as they will be added as requested. 



英文书单 English Book Lists

The resources below are very useful for exploring book suggestions by age, interest, genre, theme and more.  Not all suggested books will be available in our library, but if there are any you would like us to consider purchasing, please use the book suggestion form on the reading homepage. The Gale Books and Authors resource can be accessed using a school email and password.  

下方资源按年龄、兴趣、体裁、主题等进行分类,以此方式对书籍探索非常有用。我们图书馆不会提供所有推荐书籍,但如果您希望我们考虑采购,请使用阅读主页上的书籍建议表。使用学校的电子邮件和密码可以访问 Gale Books and Authors 网站上的资源。

Diverse Book Finder
Love Reading 4 Kids

Our top picks

Fiction Genres 小说体裁

Search these lists to find recommendations by genre. 


Panda Book Awards 熊猫图书奖

Shortlisted books for the Panda Book Awards, organised by age category. Click here