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Reading: 悬疑惊悚 Crime, mystery & thriller


Crime, mystery & thriller

Crime, mystery and thriller stories are related but not exactly the same. Crime novels tend to involve a serious crime and the need to catch the criminal. There is often a focus on good versus evil. Mysteries focus on an event – often a crime – of which the details are unknown. It is often the job of the main character to act as detective to solve the mystery. Thrillers tend to focus on crimes that may happen in the future and the mission to prevent them.

As these genres have a lot in common, our library keeps them together.



Common elements 常见元素

  • a crime or mystery (e.g. theft, murder, missing person or similar) 犯罪小说或悬疑小说(如,盗窃、谋杀、人员失踪或类似事件) 
  • detectives or police 侦探或警察
  • red herrings 红鲱鱼(障眼法) 
  • suspense 悬疑案
  • sense of urgency 紧迫感
  • pursuit of justice 追求公义

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