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Reading: 阅读挑战 Reading challenges

Reading challenges are a great way of adding a little structure to your reading goals and push yourself to read a wider range of books that you may do now. 

These are meant to be a fun. To help, you can submit completed reading challenge sheets to the library for a chance to win a book that will be yours to keep.

You can download and print the challenge sheets from this page or pick up a copy in the library.  





阅览世界 Read Around the World

The Around the World reading challenge is a fun way to expand your reading horizons and explore the world while you have to stay at home. You complete it by reading books that are connected to different countries. This could include:

- setting

- a character is from or lives there

- the author is from there

Write the book title and author in a box and draw a line to (roughly) where the country is. 



- 情节背景

- 角色出生地或居住地

- 作者出生地


体裁之旅 Genre Tour

Do you find yourself reading the same type of book most of the time? Would you like to branch out and explore other genres? The Genre Tour reading challenge takes you on a whirlwind exploration of different genres available in the library. Who knows, perhaps you find your new favourite genre.

Write the title and author in the appropriate box.