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Reading: 运动小说 Sports Fiction


Sports Fiction

Sports fiction novels are set in the real world and focus on plots that are impacted in some way by sports. While some books focus on team sports, others include individual sports – so there is something for everyone. Common themes include the impact the sport has on personal growth and relationships with teammates.

运动小说以现实世界为背景,关注以某种方式受运动影响的情节。 有些书侧重团队运动,而有些则包括个人运动——因此每个人都能找到适合自己的内容。这些相同的主题包括运动对个人成长的影响、对团队成员关系所产生的影响。 

Common elements 常见元素

  • individual or team sports 个人运动或团队运动 
  • realistic settings 现实的情节背景 
  • realistic struggles and events 现实拼搏与现实事件 
  • characters who experience personal growth 经历个人成长的人物 

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