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Reading: 选书 Choosing a book

Purpose: why are you reading?

There are three main reasons why people read:

- personal interest or enjoyment

- to find information

- assigned reading for a class or for work

You can have more than one purpose at a time, but knowing why you are reading will help you to choose the right book. 




- 个人兴趣或个人享受

- 查找信息

- 为课堂或工作阅读指定书目



What you want to search for will depend on your purpose. If you need to find information for a project or have an assigned task, your teacher will have told you what to look for. They may have given you:

- a title and/or author

- a subject area

- key terms (words or phrases)

- a form of writing

If you are looking for books for personal interest and enjoyment, you may need a little more support to help you decide. If this is the case, read on to get some ideas. 

To learn how to use all of this information to find your book, go to Step 3: searching.




- 标题/作者

- 主题领域

- 关键词(单词或短语)

- 写作形式


要了解如何利用这些信息查找书籍,请转到第 3 步:搜索。

Fiction genres

Our chapter fiction books are organised by genre. This supports you in finding the type of book you want to read. Not all books can be easily assigned to one genre: some include more than one. We have placed each book in its dominant genre. You can find out more about each genre, including some of our top picks, here




Reading levels

Do you want to limit your search by AR level? This may be helpful for readers new to English, or those who are working on their reading skills. You can find out more about AR levels, as well as some lists by reading level, here




Themes and subjects

You may be looking for books with particular themes or subjects, for example friendship, school fiction, war or sailing. You can search for these using a 'subject search' in Follett Destiny. You can find lists of popular themes for each age range, along with some suggested books, here. More information on how to search by subject can be found here



您可能正在寻找具有特定主题或特定学科的书籍,例如友谊、校园小说、战争或航海。您可以在Follett Destiny图书馆系统中的“主题搜索”来查找相关内容。您可以在此处找到每个年龄段所流行的主题列表以及一些推荐书籍。更多有关如何按主题搜索的信息,请参见此处。

Reading challenges

Are you looking for a plan to follow? Reading challenges can be a great way to guide your picks. They can be fun to follow and also introduce you to books that you may not have tried otherwise. Click here to find suggested reading challenges. 




Searching for books

Once you know your purpose, you can begin your search. Using the guide here, you will be able to search our library catalogue to find what you need. 

It is also possible to browse for books by taking a look at the shelves. 





Front and back covers

When you find a book, take a look at the front and back covers and consider the following:

- Does the cover art appeal to you?

- What does the book summary/blurb say? Does it sound interesting?

- Have you read similar books before? Did you like them?




- 封面艺术对您有吸引力吗?

- 这本书的摘要/简介说了什么?听起来有趣吗?

- 您以前读过类似的书吗?喜欢它们吗?

Contents and index pages

Take a look at the contents and/or index pages (for non-fiction). Consider the following:

- Does it include key terms you are looking for?

- How is the book organised?

- Does it include a list of illustrations, tables or charts?




- 它是否包含您正在寻找的关键词?

- 这本书是如何组织的?

- 它是否包含插图及图表清单?


Choosing the right book

Now you have picked a book that seems right, it is time to check. Sit down with the book for a few minutes and read a few pages. Consider the following:

- Can you understand enough of the book to enjoy it?

- Does it include what you need?

- Do you enjoy the writing style?

One way of check if you understand enough of the book is by using the 'Five Finger Guide'. Read below to learn more.




- 您能充分理解并享受这本书吗?

- 它包括您需要的内容吗?

- 您喜欢这种写作风格吗?


Asking for help

Sometimes you may still be a little stuck for what to read next. If you would like help finding a particular book, or maybe want some suggestions, there are people you can turn to for help:

- your friends

- your teachers

- your parents

- your library team

The library team is ready to help you find what you need, so come and see us. 




- 您的朋友

- 的老师

- 的父母

- 的图书馆团队