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Reading: 科学小说 Science Fiction


Science Fiction

Science fiction is a type of speculative fiction (not realistic) with themes including space travel, hyper advanced science and technology, alien beings, parallel universes and time travel. A science fiction, or si-fi, novel might not include all these elements in the same book. They sometimes include some themes that reflect real life, such as friendships or life events.

科学小说是推理小说(非现实主义)的一种,主题包括太空旅行、超先进科学技术、外星生物、平行宇宙和时间旅行。所有这些元素或许不会出现在同一本科学小说中。 这些小说有时会包括一些反映现实生活的主题,例如友谊或人生大事。 

Common elements 常见元素

  • beings from another world 外星生物
  • journeys through space and/or time 时空旅行
  • conflict between worlds 不同世界间的冲突
  • use of futuristic technology and/or science as part of daily life 未来科技是日常生活的一部分
  • utopian societies 乌托邦社会 
  • metaphysical paradoxes 形而上学中的悖论 

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