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Reading: 熊猫图书奖 Panda Book Awards

The Panda Book Awards have been running since 2008.  Pupils in English speaking schools in China read and vote for their favourite recently published books from the given shortlists. 

"Titles chosen for the shortlists of the Panda Book Award meet selection criteria that focus on social justice, diversity and inclusion by up and coming authors and illustrators from across the world. There is an added spotlight on titles that feature Asian settings, characters or creators." - Panda Book Awards Steering Committee 

Seven shortlists are included in the awards, each of which focus on different ages:

  • Early Years Readers - picture books for ages 3-5
  • Young Readers - picture books for ages 5-8
  • Middle Readers - chapter books for ages 7-10 years
  • Elementary School Graphic Novels
  • Older Readers - novels for ages 11-14 years
  • Mature Readers - novels for ages 15-18 years
  • Middle & High School Graphic Novels

Pupils will undertake activities and discussions in school related to the books and so are encouraged to read as many as possible. The age ranges given are a guide, and pupils may choose which list(s) to read. This is especially useful if a pupil is on the border of an age group. 

The print books will be available in our school libraries after the summer, in addition to digital copies via Follett Destiny (available soon). Pupils and their parents are also able order copies through Obido



入围熊猫图书奖名单的书有一定的选择标准,主要关注来自世界各地的新兴作家和插画家笔下的社会正义、多样性和包容性。具有亚洲背景、亚洲角色或亚洲作者的书备受关注。” - 熊猫图书奖指导委员会


  • 早年读物 - 适合 3-5 岁的图画书
  • 小读者 - 适合 5-8 岁的图画书
  • 中级读者 - 适合 7-10 岁儿童的章节书
  • 小学图画小说
  • 高级读者 - 适合11-14 岁的小说
  • 成熟读者 - 适合 15-18 岁的小说
  • 中学图画小说


除了通过 Follett Destiny图书馆系统(即将推出)提供的电子版本之外,我们学校的图书馆会在夏季以后提供印刷版本。学生及其父母也可以通过欧贝豆订购这些书籍。

Panda Awards Timeline 

July and August

Pupils are encouraged to read digital versions of the books through the eLibrary, or print titles as they become available. If pupils or parents would like to purchase their own copies, they can order through Obido or other stores where available. 

September - January/February

Pupils will explore to books in school, including:

  • Story-time
  • Read-alouds
  • Discussions & debates
  • Activities


Voting will take place after Spring Festival/Chinese New Year







  • 故事时间
  • 大声朗读
  • 讨论&辩论
  • 活动