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Reading: 历史小说 Historical Fiction


Historical Fiction

Historical fiction novels are set in genuine time periods of the past. Some novels focus on actual people or events in history while others may not. Although they may include imaginary events, it is important that characters, dialogue and plot are true to the time period. Historical novels are essentially realistic stories set in the past. Sometimes authors use ‘artistic licence’ to tell their stories, which means that not everything in historical fiction is factual. However, if events or people differ significantly from reality then it may be considered alternate history fiction.

历史小说以过去真实的时间段为背景。 有些小说着重于历史上真实的人物或事件,有些则不然。 尽管它们可能包含虚构事件,但角色、对话和情节符合当时的背景才是关键所在。 历史小说本质上是设定在过去的现实故事。 有时作者会使用“艺术许可协议”来讲故事,这意味着历史小说中的所有内容并非都是真实的。 然而,如果书中的事件或人物与现实有很大差距,那么它或许属于架空历史小说。 

Common elements 常见元素

  • wars or conflicts of the past 过去的战争冲突
  • famous people from history 历史名人 
  • famous events from history 历史上的著名事件 
  • problems that people of the past would have really encountered 古人确实面临的问题
  • dialogue and settings appropriate to the time period 符合时代的对话和情节背景 

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