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Reading: 恐怖 Horror



The aim of horror fiction is to scare the reader to some extent. Sometimes these stories include supernatural elements, such as ghosts, or they may include themes related to psychological terror and are often macabre. It is important to remember that there is a difference between what is scary for different ages. Our collection of middle grade horror has been written for readers aged 8-12 and includes themes and descriptions that are finely tuned for that age range.

从某种程度上来说,恐怖小说的意图是吓唬读者。 有时这些故事包含超自然元素,如鬼魂,或者它们可能包含与心理恐怖相关的主题,这些故事往往令人毛骨悚然。 要记住,不同年龄段的人害怕的事物是不同的,这点很重要。 我们的中级恐怖系列专为 8-12 岁的读者编写,此系列所包括的主题和描写方式都是为该年龄段读者精心调整的。 

Common elements 常见元素

  • ghosts and supernatural monsters 鬼魂和超自然的怪物
  • haunted houses 鬼屋
  • gore or gruesome descriptions 血腥可怕的描述 
  • occult 玄学 
  • survival and suspense 生存与悬疑

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