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Reading: 杂志 Magazines

Logging in

When on campus, no login is needed.  

When off campus, pupils and staff can log into Flipster using their school email and password. These are the same details as is used for MS Teams.

When using the APP on an iPhone, iPad or other supported devices, you will need to use the shared password. This can be found by access our password list below (you will need a Teams login to access). 




若在校外登录该网,学生和教职员工可以使用各自的校园邮件和密码完成登录。相关信息与 MS Teams 的登录详情完全相同。

若要在手机、平板或其他支持的设备上使用该应用软件时,需要使用共享密码。详情请见下方密码列表(您需要先使用 Teams 账号登录才能继续访问)。

Flipster Digital Magazines 电子杂志

Our digital magazine collection provides a wide range of titles for all ages. Flipster is available through a web browser, but is also accessible through an APP on iPhones, iPads and some other devices. You can watch videos below for help on how to access and navigate Flipster. 

我们的数字杂志系列为所有年龄段的使用者提供了广泛选择。 Flipster 数字杂志可通过网络浏览器访问,也可通过手机、平板和其他设备上的应用程序访问。观看下方视频,即可获取有关访问和浏览该数字杂志的方法。

Flipster instructions - web browser 网页版使用教程
Using Flipster Digital Magazines APP  借助app使用电子杂志