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Reading: 现实生活小说 Real Life Fiction & Literature


Real Life Fiction

Our Real-Life Fiction & Literature section could also be called general fiction. The books in this collection do not fall into speculative fiction or have a particular theme such as crime. They normally focus on down-to-earth themes, such as school, friendships, realistic life events and growing up. In this section you will also find literary fiction and some classics that do not fit into specific genres.

我们的现实生活小说和文学系列也可称之为一般小说。 该系列中的书籍不属于推理小说,不具有诸如犯罪之类的特定主题。 此类书籍通常关注现实主题,例如校园、友谊、成长和现实事件。 在这类书籍中,您还会找到文学小说和一些不属于特定类型的经典作品。

Common elements 常见元素

  • interpersonal relationships 人际关系
  • school life 校园生活
  • friendship problems 友谊问题
  • realistic life events 现实事件
  • personal struggle to overcome obstacles 克服困难的个人斗争 
  • personal growth and ‘coming of age’ 个人成长与“人到成年” 

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