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Reading: First Chapter Books


Short chapter books, also called 'early chapter books' or 'first chapter books' are books written for pupils who are becoming independent readers. They often suit children aged 5-9 years old, and can have lots of different themes. While some use fantasy, science-fiction or adventure themes, many tell a story about real-life events and situations.


The words used are mostly every-day words. Occasionally there may be some more difficult or new-to-them words. This helps children learn new words. The sentences are shorter than books aimed at older children, which makes them easier for newly-independent readers to understand. Short chapter books are often under 150 pages and include multiple short chapters - usually with some illustrations that support comprehension of the text. 


First chapter books can be shared as bed-time stories or read independently if your child is ready. These books will probably take more than one reading session to finish. 

尤斯伯恩系列 Usborne book series


The Usborne Young Readers series, along with other Usborne books, are very popular with our primary pupils. The series adapts traditional and classic stories into a format suited to younger readers. The illustrations are colourful and engaging, and the text is written for pupils who are becoming more independent in their reading. We have a large collection of Usborne books available in the Atrium Library. 

初章书系列 First chapter books series

试试看这些作家 Authors to try

Anne Fine


Anne has written many short chapter books for young readers. Her stories include a range of characters and situations that will be familiar to most children. You can fine out more Anne and her books by visiting her website here

Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith为小朋友们编写了许多有趣的章节书。他的故事中经常出现动物,一些作品甚至拍成了电影。您可以通过他的网站,了解更多相关信息。点击这里,查看我们图书馆内的实体藏书。

Dick King-Smith has written many fun chapter books aimed at younger children. He often includes animals in his stories and some have even been made into films. You can read more about him at his website here, and see our current collection of his books here.