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Reading: 动作 & 冒险 Action & Adventure

动作 & 冒险 

Action & Adventure

Adventure novels are often full of exciting events and journeys that are not part of the protagonist’s everyday life. These elements usually provide a degree of danger and/or urgency that drives the hero of our story onwards to complete their quest. Villains normally feature in the story, and they usually need to be defeated in some way. Many books from other genres contain elements of action and adventure, so in our library the action & adventure section focuses on novels that are not predominantly another genre (such as fantasy or sci-fi).  


Common elements 常见元素

  • quest 探索 
  • unusual or dangerous settings 故事背景非同寻常或危险异常 
  • villains 恶棍 
  • hero’s journey 英雄之旅
  • personal growth 个人成长 
  • fast-paced and exciting 扣人心弦的快节奏情节 

动作&冒险类精选 Action & Adventure Top Picks